Our mission is to help 100 million people sleep better.

In an age of unprecedented anxiety, stress, and sleeplessness, mental health and wellness are finally getting the attention they’ve long deserved. We are on a mission to unlock human potential by improving the sleep of 100 million people, by 2030. Leveraging science, technology and design.

To get there, we’ll need the best and brightest minds on earth.

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Hi! We are Somnox 👋

What started as a university project to help family members improve their sleep has grown into a global sleep brand. Along the way, we have built a community that transcends borders, languages, and backgrounds.

Working at Somnox

At Somnox, we all strive for the same goal - helping 100M people sleep better by 2030. We have a team with diverse skill sets and backgrounds, all working tirelessly to make a lasting impact on sleep and health globally. Our shared vision unites and drives us.  

Who we are

Founded in the Delft University of Technology - we know how to approach the challenge of solving sleep - using technology, design and science. We are driven and we like to have fun, but most of all we want to get things done. At Somnox, we bring together highly motivated, multidisciplinary teams to accelerate the movement towards better sleep and breathing. Join us. 

What we do

We are creating the first sleep & breathing guide to help the world breathe better, experience a calm mind and enable deep sleep. Do you want to support us in our mission to help the world sleep better? Apply now! 

Our Values

Culture eats strategy for breakfast

Our values are integral to us and serve as guiding principles for how we work and all our decision-making. Our shared values enable a solid foundation for a successful company.

We’re obsessed over our customers

We’re passionate about sleep and always listen to our customers. They are our experts on the road to innovation.

We evolve immediately

We are eager to learn and deliberately step out of our comfort zones. We love feedback to help us grow as individuals and as a team.

We’re human, not robots

Automation and robotics are great, but nothing can replace real human contact.

We don’t do bullshit

We are honest and always stick to our promises. We don’t do blah blah, and always back up our claims with data and evidence.

We are a pro sports team

Everyday, we work hard to ensure that everyone can experience the superpower of good sleep. As a team, we work toward one common goal and help each other out wherever we can.

We take care

We truly care about everything we do. We pay attention to our customers and deliver top grade products. Quality over quantity, to ensure you get the A+ experience you deserve.

Finding the right people - Hiring Process

Our recruitment process is focused on the whole person, not just their experience. We want to maintain the positive energy and productivity of our teams.

1 — Apply

Send us your resume and answer the questions asked. We might include a small ‘gamified’ assessment, as well. If you have a technical background, we potentially let you solve a case that shows us your creativity and willingness to find new approaches.

2 — Interviews

When we believe there is a potential match, we will start with a more general interview to scratch the surface culturally and content wise. If both parties are happy we will continue into a second interview which will be more content driven. If you are living abroad, these could also be video interviews.

3 — Assessment

After the interviews we will build in a tailor made assessment. This will be a personality assessment. For certain roles this can be a specific case related to the content of the role.

4 — Final check

At Somnox culture is key. In order to maintain and further develop this culture you will have an in-depth discussion with our CEO, Julian Jagtenberg.

5 — Agreement

If you are as excited about us as we are about you, we come to an agreement. The moment you sign the contract, you become part of the Somnox dreamteam and you are determined to make a positive impact..

More Than Perks

In addition to a competitive salary and daily healthy lunch we believe that a balanced mind and body is what matters most. That's why we're offering a range of perks and benefits that we hope will help you to lead an inspired life.

1. Epic team activities
2. €1000 yearly growth budget
3. Great coffee (and food) 
4. Professional Development 
5. Get your own Somnox Sleep Robot 
6. Culture + Connection
7. At-home work setup assistance
8. Remote possibilities

Before You Apply

Job searching can be stressful. Take 30 seconds to calm your nerves and ease your mind with this breathe bubble.

Meaning-full Work 

Why we do what we do - helping poor sleepers achieve their potential through the power of sleep & breathing using science, technology and design.  At Somnox, we are driven by the understanding that the work we do every day can make a meaningful impact on millions of people. Read some of the life-changing stories we just can't get enough of. 

Our Headquarters

We are located in CIC Rotterdam on the 4th floor of Groothandelsgebouw, next to Rotterdam Central Station. It offers great workplaces and meeting rooms to spark creativity, a wellbeing area for yoga and workouts, great cappucino and office dogs! 

Small Dream Team - BIG impact 
 People of Somnox

Julian Jagtenberg

Founder & CEO

Stijn Antonisse

Founder & CTO

Wouter Kooyman van Guldener

Founder & CFO

Job Engel

Founder & Android Developer

Gillis Wesselman van Helmond

Commercial Director

Nadine Rouleaux

Head Researcher

Sam Kornelisse

Customer Support

Dennis Swart

Supply Chain

Verushka Bhagwanbali 

Financial Controller

Hoye Lam

iOS Developer

Jeroen Feron

eCommerce Lead

Luc Bolier

Product Developer

Baginda Tirtadji

Growth Marketeer

Bryan Yip

UX Designer

Robert Bezem

Embedded Software

Tom van Delft

Embedded Software

Bo Nataraj

Customer Support

Muriel van Oers

Science Editor

This could be you!

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